Our Voices Choir

Our Voices Choir

February 5, 2016

Joel Goodman and Jan Antrobus were looking to get more exposure for their new choir ‘Our Voices Choir’ based in Epping, by wanting to improve their current websites search engine visibility. The end goal was to increase traffic and choir registrations. After conducting a website audit of their website, I was able to determine the key areas of the website that required improvements and a suitable SEO strategy that would need to be implemented.

The Key areas to address were to:

  • Review & Optimise the websites Meta Information & Keyword Strategy
  • Review & Optimise the websites structure & HTML.
  • Ensure the websites URL Structure is SEO friendly
  • Optimise the websites content and images
  • Setup Google Analytics & Google Console (Webmaster)
  • Setup & optimise Google Places/Business

The results of performing the website audit and implementing the SEO strategy meant that the clients key objectives were met with the websites search engine visibility significantly increased.

“Matthew’s excellent work with improving the website’s Google ratings enabled us to become visible at the top of the first page. Matthew fulfilled all of the requests that we made for our website to show up when key terms were entered into Google searches. We are delighted with the service provided. Many thanks, Our Voices Choir”

Joel Goodman & Jan Antrobus, Our Voices Choir

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